Sweet, good,gorgeous movies.


I`m wondering…Who doesn`t like movies ? Thriller, SF, comedy, romance,fantasy,horror…Who wouldn`t like to stay at home, on a rainy day, with the dear one next to him, and watch a good movie, with a bag of popcorn,or maybe some chocolate, and some soda. 😀 Oh yeah …I enjoy it ❤


I`m addicted to. Specially to romantic movies. Romantic movies are responsible for our vision that makes us think in life everything has a happy ending.I sighed,and i`m still gonna do it from the touching love stories of the small or big screens,that arouse our interest and irrevocably succeds to conquer our heart. And Hollywood is, undoubtedly, a true dream factory of beautiful stories full of passion and joy, that makes our souls melt. ❤

I said i like romances, comedies too. 😀 Good comedies, where you can laugh loud. 🙂

Here`s a top list , a few of my favourites movies, wich i consider , i didn`t lose time watching them.


1. The notebook – a good story, a true one. made me cry at the end 😀

2. Ask the dust – good actors, good movie 😀

3. A walk to remember – Same…still made me cry  😀

4. Atonement – a story during WW2, a great story ❤ made my heart melt

5. Safe heaven – inspired by a story from real life

6. La vita e bella – a great movie.

7. Gone with the wind – a 4 hours movie,but this movie changed the entire movie history of Hollywood.

8. Beauty and the beast – We grow up with this story 😀

9. The curious case of Benjamin Button. – This film really made me cry. The story of a man that borns as an old man and dies as a baby…beautiful

10. Titanic –  Makes me see it again and again and again ❤

11. The best offer – a beautiful story of  a man that hasn`t been in love before

12. Veer-Zara – a legend movie ,a legend love story ❤

13. Wuthering heights – love it ❤

14. Pride & Prejudice – Keira Knightley , gorgeous Elizabeth

15. P.S I love you – inspired by the bestseller with the same name



Hope you liked my list 😀 (Hit LIKE if you did 😀 )


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